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International Matters

Whether you are coming to the UK to work, or you leave the UK to work, you may need to complete a form to declare your intentions in order for HM Revenue and Customs to assess the correct tax treatment to your earnings, capital gains and other taxes.

The form you need to complete on leaving the UK is either a P86 or P86s. A WORD OF CAUTION - International tax can be complex and therefore it is not our intention to provide general advice as this can be misinterpreted.

As a student, you must firstly establish whether or not you are allowed to work in the UK. As a general rule if you are from an EEA member state you can work without restrictions. However, some students of many new member states may still be required to register with the Home Office. We recommend you check your individual position carefully.

The rules for non EEA students are more involved and will depend on your entry VISA restrictions.

The dfes leaflet (link below) provides a good starting point to check your legal position.

International Work Leaflet

Once you start working in the UK , your tax and National Insurance position is the same as any other student and you will be governed by the tax rules explained in this website. You will need a National Insurance number when you start, click here to find out more.

We strongly suggest you seek appropriate advice before completing any forms. Should you require any help please use our online help form and we will point you in the right direction.


International Matters


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