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STS Tax Rebate
If you have overpaid tax then this can be reclaimed, and in some cases you can even claim interest from the Inland Revenue for the time they have held onto your money! The process of reclaiming your tax will require you to complete a Tax Return for the tax year in which you believe you have overpaid tax. However, there are time limits involved, after which you cannot reclaim any overpaid tax.

Our student tax library » provides you with guidelines on how to do this, and you should consider this option first.

The time it takes H M Revenue and Customs to process your claim may vary, but on average you should allow around 5 - 8 weeks.

If this seems like too much hassle then you can try using an accountant or similar service, but be warned they do charge and you could end up paying more in fees than the tax you claimed back!

STS Tax Rebate


STS Tax Rebate
STS can handle the whole process to take the worry and pain away from you. We will firstly quantify the tax you can claim, and then assist you to get this back. As you will have use of our professional staff we need to pass on a nominal charge for this service. The charge is set to cover some of our expenses and is currently set at a nominal £50 plus VAT, for our online service. There is no cash outlay, we deduct any fee from your rebate.

The service is designed to assist the average student in need of help with their tax affairs, it is not designed as a free or subsidised service for any young entrepreneurs out there! (you guys see below). There are other agencies which claim to offer services from £75 plus disbursements and VAT upwards, be aware, there are often hidden costs and if you decide to go down this route. Please research the costs and services carefully.

STS do offer an alternative if your tax affairs are more complicated than the average student, i.e. you have further income such as self employment income, rental income etc. We will happily assist and provide a cost effective tailored tax service. Just contact us with your requirements and we’ll tell you what you need to do, simple.

STS Tax Rebate


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